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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Check - Tasks 2, 3 and 4 ALL FINISHED!!!!

Hi There!

Okay, I worked all afternoon on my "Tasks"
and I think I've finally caught up.

"What am I talking about?", you ask.
Well, Prairie Moon Quilts has
a contest going on.

She's given us 4 "Tasks", so far
and the 5th and final one is tomorrow.

Have NO IDEA what the prize will be,
but she plans on plucking out a name,
from her cowboy's hat
and yellin' out a winner's name.

And since she got me all riled up
about this contest,
I decided to clean up a bit
around my computer, even!

Did that this morning.
I think even Gilbert was amazed!

(Yup! That's considered "clean"!!!)

Okay, these are not in order,
but Task Three was to
tidy up our magazines and books.

Here's a BEFORE picture:

And here's an AFTER picture.
It might not appear to be tidied up,
but it is... TRUST ME!

Put away any "stray" fabrics, is
Task Two.

Took this picture, yesterday evening.
See all the paperwork and
one of my binders is open?
I'll explain about that, in a bit.

And here's a picture of my table,
taken this morning....
from another angle.

I decided, since my magazines weren't
really all THAT un-tidy that I would
run out to Staples and pick up a
box of plastic sheet protectors
and ANOTHER 3-ring binder
and FINALLY organize my
quilt patterns!

See the nice pink binder on the
corner of my table?

Well, THAT activity took
a good part of my afternoon,
but I was pretty proud of myself,
once it was all over.

And FINALLY, my table is clean!!!!

Sewing machine area is clean, too!

Which actually brings me to
Task Four:
Clean up the area around your sewing machine.

Sooooo, tomorrow I "was" going to
baste ANOTHER quilt, and
remove EVERYTHING from my table,
but then Gilbert asked if I wanted to
go visit our local museum and return
a few items.

Who can resist a date like that, eh?

And, I hope that Prairie Moon Quilts
doesn't come up with a Task that's
too, too difficult nor time consuming,

It's her 5th and final one!

Signing off for tonight - Goodnight!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

You did great Rosa! Now you need to come over to here and straighten out my "stuff" cause I'm still working on the stash in the closet!

I did finally find the blue fabric that this all started with...



Elaine in SLO, Ca

Frummie said...

You did a great job Rosa!!!!!
I am still trying to clean off my desk. Started 3 weeks ago...LOL