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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Queen's Log - Earthdate Dec. 30, 2009

Queen's Log -
Earthdate Dec 30, 2009

Got up around 8 a.m., to a beautiful sunshine and FRIGIDLY COLD and WINDY weather!!!

Grabbed a cup of home brewed (Texan) coffee, went upstairs and blogged, worked on January's Basket BOM web page.... amongst other stuff. In other words, I sat on my butt all morning! LOL

Aren't vacations fun?!??!

Around 1 p.m., I went to Staples and picked up a 3-ring binder and a box of plastic sheet protectors. I was bound and determined to get my patterns and paperwork OR-GAH-NIZED!!!

Also, stopped at M & M's and picked up some chicken wings, for myself. They were on SALE! *dollar signs going off in my eyes, like the cartoons on T.V. used to do*


Once home, I unpacked my "stuff" and cleaned up my Sewing Studio! Now, THAT job took a bit of time, but it sure felt better, afterwards!

At one point, while I was cleaning up my Studio, I called up my buddette Elaine... and we commiserated and compared our stashes, laughing and patting each other on the back, as much as possible. *grin*

Actually, I've been working on completing some "Tasks", to try and win and contest. (see previous Blog)

Went to bed around midnight and it was FREEZING outside!!!!

Still got 4 more days off!!!!

Queen's Log - Finished.

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