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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Whether it's the Weather...

Hi There!

Okay, it's now 3h20 a.m.
and I couldn't sleep.

Tossing and turning and thinking
of the SILLIEST things -
I finally decided to get up,
take a few pictures
and blog about it!


Yesterday, while checking out my fairly new
iTouch, I realized that I could add
a few more cities to my
"Weather" program,
or apps, as the iPeople call them.
(apps = applications).

I then went and converted the
temps to Fahrenheit,
so that my American friends
could understand.

I might take a photo shoot
with temps in Celsius....
depending on how tired I am, after this.

Sooooo, as this moment in time
and amongst my budettes,
it would appear as if
Boynton Beach, Florida
is the winner!!!!

Oceanside and San Luis Obispo, California
are REAL close, in temps....
'course they're in the same state, too!

And then, there's me, in St. John -
name is misspelled, BTW and
my other friend in Thurso, Scotland.

GOSH!!! it's SNOWING in Scotland??!?!?

Guess our weather drama's not so bad, then, eh?


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