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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Queen's Log - Earthdate Dec. 25, 2009

Queen's Log -
Earthdate Dec. 25, 2009
(Move over, Captain Kirk!!! LOL)

Christmas morning, Gilbert and I woke up around 7 a.m.

But OH MY GOODNESS - around 10h30, I was just plain DRAINED!

I went back to bed and slept until 1 p.m.!

Got up, got dressed, went downstairs and put my chicken in the oven.

Since Gilbert's a vegetarian, I RARELY cook "meat" meals but this evening was going to be FOR MOI!!! *grin*

Puttered around in the kitchen.. dishes and stuff...

Around 6h30 p.m., I had an INCREDIBLE supper with roast chicken, gravy and mashed potatoes!!!

Remember the gifty that my friend Jo had sent me?

I opened it up last week - HEY, Jo had written to me and said that I didn't need to wait till Christmas!

In her box, she sent me
a gorgeous ornament -

Sorry the picture's a bit blurry
but it says,
"Merry Christmas from Texas"!

I added in with my bowl of balls -
Gilbert and I didn't do the "tree" thing,
this year. *s*

She added 2 packages of Texas coffee, too!
We tried out some, this morning.

See the fabric in the background?
Jo included that also!

In her box, she also included
a glass "Red Pepper" ornament.

VERY FRAGILE and it came from
sooooo far away, yet it was intact!!!

And Golly Miss Molly -
Take a look at THIS!!!!!!

TEN Fat Quarters!!!!
From a collection called:
"Rosie's Garden Salads"

See the green background?
That's yet ANOTHER fat quarter
that my friend, Jo, included!!!

And, down to the last item....

Jo had included one of her gifties
in this cute little
see-through-polka-dot-Christmas bag!!!!

Thank you SOOOO very much, Jo!!!!

Wishing you and yours a very

Queen's Log - Finished.

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