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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Swayed to Elly's comment!!!

Hi There!

Elly - you're right!
I had found Dean Martin's "Sway",
on YouTube!!!

I think I prefer Michael Buble's rendition of this song,
but either way... It's STILL in my head!!!


Which brings me to a couple different
kinds of videos.

About a couple weeks ago,
a friend had sent me a music video
of Martina McBride and Elvis -
digitally dropped, of course.

Showed it to Gilbert, as I was quite impressed
and OF COURSE he had to find a better one!


Elvis and Celine

Anyhooooo, I received this cute cartoon, today,
in my email box... *grin*

Just got 1 more gift to buy and wrap
and then I can say....

"Pick me with a fork - I'm DONE!"




Betweens said...

Rosa I saw that Elvis and Christina video will have to check out celine thanks for the link
Looking forward to your quilting adventures in the new year..Happy holidays and all the best in the New Year to you and your family

Elly D said...

Guess what Santa brought me for Christmas :))) Okay I'll tell you, Michael Buble's latest album... :))

Love the new look Rosa :) Is your heading from Frummie? I couldn't get to see mine as I couldn't figure what program it needed.

Conse - I con - see my thimbles
BTW had goose, red cabbage, stuffed onions (which I liked the best, stuffed with hazelnuts, breadcrumbs and juice & rind of orange... yum) and bread sauce... Prawn starter and trifle pudding :)
Is it any wonder I con- see my feet!!