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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Choc Talk for Mary Ann

Hi there!

Remember that cheese place that I wrote about?

Well, Gilbert said that on our cash receipts,
their real name is,
"La Faim de Loup".

Anyhow, I had picked up something else, there.

They have a "Chocolatière"!!!

I selected 2 delectable chocolates!!!!


The presentation is just as important
as the end results, wouldn't you say?

Now this chocolate, had the PERFECT
balance between "dark" cocoa and sweetness!
There was a splendid chocolatey kind
of mousse, inside...

And YES, the cute top part is edible, too!

This one, had cute little greenish/yellowish
speckled flakes or particles,
in that, now empty, square at the top.

I think it was shook around, too much...
It's "particles" got scattered, in my box.

Anyhow, this one, too was INCREDIBLE!!!

Not as dark chocolate as the previous one,
but it had an INCREDIBLE caramel center!
(click on the picture and you can see the drop of caramel, at the top)


Honestly, I wish I could send you all
each a chocolate, to taste test it....
or, at least, wave a magic wand
so that you could all experience
these flavors....

Anyhow, hope you all have an

I will soon be making and baking
some Acadian meat pies and
Gilbert will be making his
Quebec "tortières",
later this morning.

Pictures and blogging will follow,
of course!



(Finally found a Title for this blog and updated it, Sunday evening)



quiltmom said...

We have a chocolate place here called Callebaut chocolate- they are Belgian chocolates are absolutely sinfully good - you only want to eat them one at a time and savor each bite.... Yummy

I love Hummus and make my own- I also love bruschetta but have not tried to make it for awhile. Making appetizers are some of my favorite things to make...
Warmest regards,

Miriam said...

Yummm!!! Chocolate and cheese, 2 of my favourite foods! :)

Mary Ann said...

Gosh, Rosa, you've got me drooling with all that chocolate talk!! LOL!
Thanks for sharing those WONDERFUL pics!!! Hope all is well with you and yours!

Mary Ann said...

Heehee!You're so funny, Rosa!!! ;o)
Hugs, MA