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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Queen's Log - Earthdate Dec. 28, 2009

Queen's Log -
Earthday Dec. 28, 2009

(the "New and Improved" Capt. Kirk at the helm!)

Got up around 6 a.m., sipped home brewed (Texan) coffee and read some emails.

Around 9 a.m., I suggested to Gilbert that since the sun was out, we should go visit my parents TODAY, rather than wait towards the end of the week and risk bad weather. We had promised to go visit them and Gilbert was to help my parents with their new "Internet Radio" that they had received, for Christmas, amongst other technical/computer stuff.

Estimated time of Departure? 1h00 p.m.

Called up my parents and the plans were all set..... till my Mom called back about an hour later to tell us that the roads were really, REALLY icy and that the Village (plow) People had been called and they were going to put sand/ice on the roads, that day - (read: sometime during the day... probably late afternoon, even!) Who knew, eh?

Sooooo, Gilbert and I decided that even though the sun was shining and the temps were above the freezing mark, here in our area.... it wouldn't be wise to risk our necks, going to visit them today. They live about 1 hour's drive away from us, in the country.

That final decision was taken around 12 noon.

Around 1h30, I went to get some groceries, swinging by Tim Horton's for 2 coffees, on my way back. Arrived home, unloaded groceries and put them away. Amazing how shopping can be so tiresome some times, eh? LOL

I then plunked my butt in front of my computer, popped in a DVD movie and continued the binding on that Eye Spy quilt. I have about 6 to 12 inches left to do on it and I gave it up till the next time. Told you that I was a slow sewer / quilter / binder... didn't I?!?? LOL

I have to go into work tomorrow, the 29th of December and then I have FIVE (5) days off!!!!

My Vacation Bucket List?

1 - Visit my Parents - weather permitting.

2 - Shopping on the 30th of December (Wednesday), at Brunswick Square. That's one of our malls, that we have "uptown". I have a gift certificate at Home Decor and want to grab some sale items.

3 - January 1st - attend the "Mayor's Levee", at the HMCS Brunswicker. That's our Naval Reserve building. Event starts at 9 a.m., I believe and you get to meet our Mayor and city counsellors. Plus, there's supposed to be TONS of finger foods. I've never been to the Mayor's Levee but have always wanted to go. Hoping THIS year will be "THE" year! *grin*

4 - And sewing, and quilting, and updating my website with my finished 2009 projects and in between.... well, more quilting!!! *VBG*

Back to the "Queen's Log"....

By 8h30 p.m., I was tired. Started to go to bed and made the mistake of checking what was on T.V.


Started to watch the (old) .... "The Courtship of Eddie's Father", with Ron Howard, as "Eddie".

OH MY GOODNESS... I didn't realize that Ron Howard, the now film director, was a child actor - and he was GOOD, too!

Well, I think I was in bed by 11 p.m. Need my sleep, as I'm working tomorrow.

Queen's Log - Finished.


Since I don't like to log without a picture,
and I had meant to do a photo shoot
and upload a couple pictures....

here's what I received from a good friend,
just before Christmas.


Isn't it sooooooooooo darn frustrating yet
mind boggling when you see such perfection,
can't figure out HOW they did it
and only wish that your
friend lived NEXT door,
so you could only HOPE
to ASPIRE to be as good as them,
some day?!?!??

The second picture is a closeup of
her gorgeous ornament.

I won't name her name,
for reasons that she and I know....

But, thanks a bunch, my (secret) friend!!!


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