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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day Off = Trip to Moncton!!!

Hi There!

Yesterday - Friday - I took my
very last vacation day.

Gilbert and I decided to go to Moncton.
Moncton's almost a 2 hour drive, from here.

We, of course, went to Costco
and picked up a few items.

Also went to Princess Auto:
Gilbert and I BOTH enjoy going there.

But here's the highlight of our trip.....

Since my city only has a VERY
limited amount of cheese varieties:
Cheddar (mild, medium and old)
Mozzarella, some brie and some camemberts,
and then you have your "other" kinds of cheeses:
cheese slices, velveeta, cheese whiz...
a few other pre-packaged kinds, made by Kraft:
Gouda, Monteray Jack, etc - I'm sure you know what I mean.

Anyhow, before going to Moncton,
I let my fingers do the walking,
on the internet, and found
"Les Gourmandes Cheese Delicatessan & Chocolat".

Called them up, BEFORE leaving Moncton.
They had over 125 imported cheeses, from Europe!!!
They also MAKE their own cheeses!!!
And they also had cheeses from Quebec
and other parts of Canada, too!


While we were there, yesterday, the lady let us taste test some cheeses
and we picked up a "Meaux - Lait Cru"
She explained that "Lait Cru" meant non-pasteurized milk.


I know what you'll say to this one...


But honestly, not ALL blue cheeses are gross
or strong tasting!!

This one had a little sharpness to it and
it was made by these people!

This one here is made in
Quebec or France,
I believe.

Not as soft as the other cheeses we had selected,
but incredibly creamy!

Sooooo, yesterday evening, as you might have guessed,
we had a feast, fit for a King and Queen!


In this picture, you can see the triangle breads
that we picked up at Costco.

I slice them in 1/2, toast and butter them.

We also had some Hummus and Bruschetta
to go with our triangle breads.

And, on our way home,
Gilbert announced that he would pick up
a nice bottle of wine.

Sad to say, but as I'm typing this, this morning,
I realize that this bottle is now in our recycle bin!



P.S. Remember the name of that boutique?
Did you catch the "chocolat" part at the end of their name??

Stay tuned for more on that topic!

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