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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yet ANOTHER Brain Worm!!!

Hi There!

Okay, Gilbert and I woke up at 7h53 a.m.

Guess it musta helped my sleeping pattern,
that I got up in the middle of the night,
to do a photo shoot and blogging!


But, when I woke up,
I had an even WORST problem, this time!

A "Brain Worm" was stuck in my head!

It was a cha-cha or a marimba song,
I had only heard it once, just recently...
Was it on a talk show or a movie?!??!
I "thought" it was sung by Michael Bublé...
*scratches her head*

Gilbert - Well, you have tried to find the song on the internet?
Me - Aaaaah... no.
Gilbert - I can't help you if I don't know the song, the author or the title. Sorry.
Me - (thinking - GOSH! can't you just TELEPORT into my head?!?? I mean, we're SOOO close as friends, lovers and even PHYSICALLY close, at this point - can't we just SYNC our thoughts, right now!??!?).
Me - Okay, let me hum it to you.
*hmm. hmm. hmm. hmm. hmm. rythm... hmm, humm, humm*
Gilbert - Oh yah. I know that tune.
Me - Well, let me go and try and find it on the net.

Honestly! Isn't it ANNOYING
when you get visited by that
"Brain Worm"!??!?

It gets in your brain and it just

Anyhow, I FINALLY found the song....

It might be sung by other artists,
but I prefer THIS one,
by Michael Buble:


And NO, don't ask me where
I heard it or when...
or even WHY I woke up
with this song in my head!


Have a great day!

May you have a
"Brain Wormless" day!!!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

I LOVE this song and Michael Buble is so sexy, eh?

Love your post!



Elaine in SLO, Ca

Pat from FL and MI said...

You are so funny! I saw the thumbprint 'hunk' on your blog. Now what does Gilbert look like?

Elly D said...

Yup sexy he is :)) Thanks for this link Rosa, just enjoyed 2 of his songs, makes you go week at the knee....
And Dean Martin had this one out years ago :) I remember from my early childhood :))