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Sunday, December 27, 2009

15,000 visitors = BLOG CONTEST!!!!

Hi there!

My friend, Marianna, is having a VERY different contest!

She's just recently realized that she's had 15,000 visitors - incredible, eh???? - and she is having a contest, but she needs YOU to make it happen!


You can either post a comment on her blog or send her an email about what image or drawing you'd like for her to design on a quilt block, and if you win... she'll not only design you your very own block, but she'll make one up for you, too!

Who knows? She might even name that block, in your honour! And then, since she has a design shop, on the web... who knows, eh? She may someday publish a quilting book and your block could be in her book!!! And her book could eventually be sold in 500 different languages all over the world and even win TONS of literary prizes, right?!??

Okay, I'm getting carried away.... but dreams sometimes DO come true!


Sooooo.... sit back, close your eyes and imagine what kind of quilt block that you've ALWAYS wanted but couldn't find in a book or on the internet.... click on her blog and submit your thoughts.

Easy, right? *grin*

And Good Luck with this contest!


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SewCalGal said...


What a fun contest. Thanks for sharing insights!