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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Be Still My Heart!

Hi there!

Well, I've been a bit slack:

-I promised to blog every day - I skipped a few days.

I received this INCREDIBLE package
from my friend, Susan Moore -
neglected to do a photo shoot and
post it on here.

See, once again, you gotta ask yourself,
"Is the glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty?"

At 50, my memory's not like it used to be.
Do I complain? Okay, well, I try not to... *grin*

Anyhow, Susan and I had decided to swap some "Hearts".
I had sent mine in earlier - last year perhaps?
I had told Susan that I wasn't
in a hurry to receive mine.

Now.... here's the neat part! You ready for it?

I had forgotten COMPLETELY about
our swapped Heart promise!

And it was a HUMUNGOUS surprise
when I opened up Susan's parcel,
to see and touch her .... jaw-dropping work!

Susan crocheted this cute little heart!
And since I can't crochet, you can imagine
how precious this little one is, eh?

On this one, she embroidered their
Australian flower.

Can't remember the name of their flower, unfortunately,
but to me, it is VERY symbolic.

Susan's work is as well done in the front
as it is in the back...

She's pretty darn good with a needle!

LOVE the way that she used this fabric,
to make it seem as if the squares
were PERFECTLY put there, on seam...

And YES, they're perfectly lined up!!!

Now, you see in this one....
this is where Susan's imagination just
gob-smacked me!

I would NEVER have thought
to personalize these hearts!

Once again, PERFECT embroidery,
with such light, airy ribbons and
2 perfect hearts!

Incredible, eh?

I honestly can't tell you which one
is my favorite... but I'm sure likin' this one,
with my name on it!

And then, THIS funky one -
kinda reminds me of
"Flower Power"...
a vintage heart, sorta...


And to TOP IT OFF,
she made me this sweet little stuffed heart!

I'm not sure if it's meant to be a pin cushion,
but it's too darn cute to use up, Susan....

I'll have to find a special place to hang it up...

And finally, a cute "heart" card!

I turned it over and over and inspected it...

Why, Susan ... Is it possible you MADE this card?!?!?

If not, it's a lovely card, my friend!

Thanks for swapping, Susan!!!!

Waving from up North!



Susan said...

My dear Rosa,

So glad you loved the "heart to heart" blocks!!

The Australian flower is the "gum flower" The gum tree just down our road, where the kids catch the school bus, has the most lovely bright pink blossom on it. But you see gum flowers from white, lemon, lemon/green, salmon pink, bright pink to red's.

The card was handmade, but by my Mum. She likes card making, so I asked her for some "heart" cards and that is what she came up with.

The "funky heart" is from Jenny Reynolds (ELFANTZ blog) free Shabby Rose BOM that she had this year.

They were all fun to make.



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