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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chocolates - More Pics!!!

Hi there!

Okay, remember LAST Friday,
when Gilbert and I went to Moncton?

And we went to the cheese and chocolate spot?

Well, since I had forgotten to bring my camera,
I had asked Gilbert to take a few pics,
with his cell phone, right?

Well, TWO days ago.... LONG AFTER
I had blogged about my fun visit, he says,
"Oh yah. Do you want those pictures
that are on my cell phone?"


Well, of COURSE I want the pictures,
but as couples often "discuss" this way,
I replied, "Yah, but I really should have gotten them SOONER."

He quickly replied,
"YOU should have asked for them sooner, you mean."

1/2 a dozen of one or 1/2 a dozen of another....
or something like that - can never remember that expression!


But I'm sure you know what I mean.

*wipe my hands*

"Job done! I've posted HIS cell phone pics!"



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