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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Very First "Tut"!!!

Hi there!

Well, on our "Basket Case" group,
someone had posted her basket block,
with these cute little 3-D flowers!

Comments, questions, queries and
even some "gasps" were posted, on our Yahoo group.

So, with the help of our resident expert's
written explanations and
Elly sending me a PDF of an
equilateral triangle,
I decided to take the bull by the 2 horns
and try to make this cute little flower.

Was it enough for me to just make it for myself?

Well, of COURSE NOT!

My motto: KISS (Keep It Short and Sweet)
doesn't always apply to me....
Being "Anal" is sometimes more my speed! LOL

I decided to blog about this technique,
as a Tutorial!!!!

Anyhow, here goes...

You'll need an equilaterial triangle template -
that's a triangle that all 3 sides are EQUAL.

Draw and cut up TWO fabric triangles.

I suggest that you use TWO contrasting fabrics.
With right sides together, sew them up...
just like you would a cushion, for example -
leaving a small little opening to flip them
inside out.
OH! Don't forget to snip the triangle tips,
before turning them inside out.

Iron your triangle nice and flat.

Above picture. I made 2 triangles, for my project.

Now, try and find the center of your triangle -
mark it with a pencil or pen mark.
Just a wee little dot... that's all.
Sew all three corners to your
wee little dot (in the center).


You now have a hexagon!

What you're seeing (top picture), is actually
going to be the UNDERNEATH of your flower.

Turn your hexagon over.
Notice you now have THREE straight edges?

Sew, one of the edges to the CENTER of your hexagon.
(see above picture)

In this picture, I've sewn the SECOND straight edge,
to the center of my hexagon.

At this point, you're probably saying,
"This doesn't look right!"

Stop listening to that voice in your head...

TRUST ME - it'll work out !


Now, I've sewn my THIRD straight edge to the centre.

Once again, this looks a HUNDRED TIMES better,
in person!

Hope you'll give it a try!



Quilterjane58 said...

They are beautiful!!! You did it.
I knew you could... Sheila

Frummie said...

Your "tut" is great. I am dyslexic and I understood the instructions.
You did good.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Now we know how simple it is( When you know how). Nice work Rosa. Denise

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rosa, I forgot my user name. Definitely a Senior moment. Cheers Denise

Miriam said...

Ohh thank you for your first tutorial! I haven't seen a flower made like that before. I'm definitely going to try one! :)

Elly D said...

Well done Rosa!! Perfect!! ;)) Ellyx

Brigitte said...

thank for the tutorial, Rosa!
Did you know, that I'm a folded fabric fun? and made several of Kumiko Sudo's flowers (gave workshops some years ago)
hugs Brigitte