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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Queen's Log - Earthdate Dec. 31, 2009

Queen's Log -
Earthdate Dec. 31, 2009

Gilbert and I decided to go OUT today -
kinda like a "date".
Imagine that, eh?

We did a few item exchanges,
at Future Shop and Staples
and then, headed uptown.

Here's Gilbert, at "Market Square",
one of our uptown malls.

My co-worker had given me
2 gift certificates for "Home Decor",
in "Brunswick Square" - another uptown mall.
Home Decor has incredibly fun
ornaments and kitchen gadgets.

I'll blog about these gadgets tomorrow.

By then, it was around 12 noon,
and we were hungry.

Stopped in at Pizza Hut, for their buffet.

They have some cool and funky info on their walls.

Took a picture of THIS question.

Did YOU know THIS?!?!?

Then, since the New Brunswick Museum
had a FREE ADMISSION today,
we went in to explore what
they had to show us.

Lots of Dinosaurs, of course!

These animals were in a glass case.
Picture's not too, too clear.

Gilbert and I thought this round table
was REAL cool!

The top flips to the back
and you get a wooden bench
that has a drawer on the bottom, even!

Did any of you ever own this kind of table?

Gilbert and I are SOOO out of shape,
at one point I said to him,
"Oh my goodness!! All these chairs
and we can't even SIT on them!!!"

All furniture was cordoned off, of course!

I REALLY, REALLY liked this set....
and I'm not into antiques - trust me!

But this one was all painted -
REALLY nice gold colors, too!

Now a day at the museum can
have it's humourous moments, right?

Here, Gilbert and I sat behind a desk
and pretended we were radio announcers!

I even dug in my purse and found
an old calendar, to pretend it was our notes!

Whatcha think, eh?
Think we'll win some kind of journalistic
prize, for our efforts?!?!?

In the meantime, we came across
my sister, Princess Sophia,
her hubby and her mother-in-law.

Here's her hubby, reading a book.

ANOTHER high light of our
"Day at the Museum"....

In one of the children's room,
they had an interactive
theatre.... with LOTS of puppets, too!

My sister, Tina and Princess Sophia,
crawled inside and gave us an impromptu show!

Here's my sister and Princess Sophia...

There were quite a few paintings and sculptures,
throughout the museum.

Gilbert said to me,
"Oh, there I am with that red bag, again.
I'm starting to look like Santa!"

Actually, that was the red bag from "Home Decor",
and since we didn't return to the car,
it followed us everywhere....

Amongst all the paintings and drawings
and sculptures and carvings...

This painting seemed to have sparked
something, in me....

Two little girls, playing in the hay
and there's hens, all over!
And it's such a bright painting, too!
You can just feel the summer sun,
beaming down!

Hey! Who'da thunk that we had a
right here in my city,
at one time, eh?!??
It and it's building
doesn't exist anymore...

THANK GOD I found a chair to rest!!!
My feet were SCREAMING by now...

And I was having one of those
"hot flashes", too!

As I looked up through my sweaty eyes,
I saw an old fashioned bar, in front of me.

Grabbed Gilbert and had him
pose, for me.

Well, we were almost OUT the door,
and my feet were screaming their thanks,
when Gilbert saw this HUGE moose...

Of course, we had to take a
few more pics, eh?

Hope you've enjoyed accompanying us
during our trip to our
local museum!

I've got to share something else,
with you....

We had rented
"Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian"

As a top off to our New Year's Eve evening,
Gilbert and I are watching some
T.V. and hopefully we'll catch
a few (funny) retrospective newsy stuff.

Hope you ALL have a

NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

Queen's Log - Finished.
(9h26 p.m.)

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Brigitte said...

Best wishes for 2o1o to you and your loved once, Rosa AND thank you Rosa for this little vacation trip - taken from Polands office chair. Less than 4 weeks ahead our move now: Brigitte