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Friday, January 1, 2010

01-01-10 !!!!

HI THERE!!!!!!!!!!


Did any of you realize that it's now....

01-01-10 ?!??!?

Cool, eh?

aaaah... hmmmm..
(clearing my throat)

Okay, back to business.
I had promised that I would do
a photo shoot of the "stuff"
that we picked up, yesterday....

Remember Gilbert and his
"Red Santa Bag"?!??

Well, believe it or not,
Gilbert and I didn't own a juicer.
No, there really wasn't a need
for an electric, fancy smancy one...

This will be PERFECT,
for our needs!

When I saw this, I thought it would be PERFECT
for all our little sachets and enveloppes
and packages, etc, etc.

Yep, I could probably have
picked up something similar
at Staples or any other office supply store,
but just the fact that it had
"Packet Organizer" marked on it,
was a good enough marketing ploy
to get me hooked into buying it!

I was actually looking for a
smooth-to-the-touch, wooden,
squared "edged" spoon...

You know the kind that,
when you stir your pot of sauce,
for example, your square edged
spoon actually scraps the bottom
of the pot and the corners of the pot, too!

Well, she didn't have any wooden ones
but she recommended this
silicone one, instead.

It's got 2 spoons at each end, even!

This last item caught Gilbert's eye.

It's called a
"Kitchen Ruler and Oven Rack Push-Puller".

It's even got a hole at one end,
along with a magnet,
if you want to attach
it to your refrigerator!

How cool is that, as a gadget, eh?

So, these are the items that
Gilbert and I picked up, yesterday...
on our day out.

Once again, may you have an
EXCELLENT 2010!!!!

Rosa and Gilbert


Miriam said...

Happy New Year Rosa!!!

Great buys there! I love the look of that silicon spoon!

Frummie said...

Dear Rosa,
My "the Oven Stick" was a gift with a donation to the Delray Beach, FL Fire Department. It is my favorite Kitchen toy. It sit on top of the toaster oven.'Happy 01-01-10.
Do we know anyone with an October 10th birthday...10-10-10

quiltmom said...

Have a great beginning to 2010, Rosa.
I am off to do some sewing this afternoon.
Bruce is cooking potato bake, turnip casserole and pork tenderloin- pretty yummy start to the New Year.
We have watched the Winter Classic hockey game and he is going to watch Football- Did I say I was going to quilt.
Wishing you and Gilbert all the best in 2010.