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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm All Cracked Up!

Hi There!

Remember the lovely book
that my friend Elaine sent to me?

"The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt"?

Well, I hadn't realized that there
was a CD in the back of this
SOFT covered book!!!!

Okay, before I continue, let me advise you that
I was born a blonde!


The Proof?

Here's a pic of me, with my parents.

Okay... back to my book...

Well, after bringing this book
into work with me,
to show my co-workers....
flipping through it,
many, MANY times,
Gilbert picked it up and
casually mentioned,
"Did you know there was a CD here?"

NO, I didn't realize!!!!

Anyhow, my story gets worst,
before it gets better.

Yesterday evening,
I decided that I would install my CD.
When I opened up the book,
I realized that the CD was split in the middle....
almost straight across, but not quite.

I asked Gilbert if he could re-align it
and maybe (keeping fingers crossed)
that it would work anyhow.

(silly me!!!!)

I put it in my computer CD slot and could hear the drive working,

I near jumped out of my skin!!!

The CD was all in pieces!!!!

Gilbert had to take my puter apart,
to dig out the small pieces!

Well, I called up their 1-800 number
this evening and the nice gal there,
PROMISED to send me another CD!!!

Imagine that, eh?!??!

'Cause I looked at the pictures
of the blocks in that book
and they measure 3-1/2 inches!!!!

Imagine making a quilt with
blocks THAT size, eh?!??!


Thank you Mrs. CD/Book lady!!!!

Appreciate the GREAT service!!!!



Pat from FL and MI said...

Oh Rosa, born a blonde? French? Rosette, maybe, Rosa???? I just don't know. It is just not the image in my head, and that is so hard to change. But, hey, we could all use the blonde excuse!

Frummie said...

Well that explains it all...LOL! I was born a red head, that why I fight with anyone that gets my cockles up...LOL

Elly D said...

Oh NO Rosa!! Those are small blocks!! didn't realize they were that small in the FWS. You're making good headway on your Schnibbles :)) Further than I've got LOL.
Ahhhh! you were so cute as a baby :)) Don't you just love looking at the old photos.... :))
Tanshn.... A drunk as if you'd like to Dance :)