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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thanksgiving Gifties !!!!


GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!?

Mr. Post Man FINALLY delivered
Elaine's "Thanksgiving (Quilting)

Received it last Monday....

Another super, dooper gifty
from Elaine!!!!

A lot of her boxes were wrapped up
in Fall coloured fabrics
and GORGEOUS ribbons!!!

And I just wish you all could see
the gorgeous autumn coloured
tissue paper, that she also used!!!

And she included a
3-Cup Anniversary Coffee Press,
from StarBucks!!!

a small gift package,
with StarBucks' newest
instant coffee packets!!!!

Haven't figured out if Elaine
prepared this cute little packet
or StarBucks... but it sure was
Brown sugars and Splendid,
stir sticks and even
StarBucks napkins!!!!

And then, this cutest little doll -
Reminds me of an Angel....
Called "Grateful".
And in case you can't read the card,
it says,
"I'm so grateful for your friendship."

Elaine, you precious thing...

I'M the one that's GRATEFUL!!!!

A total of FIVE big pieces
of autumn coloured fabrics!!!!

Gorgeous, scrumptious colours!!!

Now, this wasn't really part of Elaine's contest....
She had promised me this book,
earlier on,
but the book was included in my package.

Haven't really had a chance to pop the CD in
my computer... but it's on my "TO DO"
list, for this evening.

ELENA - Thanks for the gifties!!!!!

Elaine's in "Road to California",
right now and she has yet
ANOTHER incredible contest
going on!!!!

"Road to California Give-A-Way"

You should ALL go there
and post a comment.

You never know -
YOU might be the NEXT winner, eh?

Have a great weekend!!!


1 comment:

Terry said...

You Lucky, Lucky Girl :) Awesome package!!! You will really enjoy the Farmer's Wife book :) I have mine, and just about have my fabric all collected *grin* Will be starting it soon!!! I hope

The cake(s) look delic!!!