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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Have a Seat...

Hi There!

Well, Monday, as you might all know,
I returned to work and we were BUSY!
Came home, I was actually brain dead!

Gilbert had already started working on the "Queen's Chair".
He did the seat part and
I was to do the back of the chair.
Mind you, he's home all day long
and I only had the evenings to work on this...
PLUS, Tuesday, I thought I was coming down with the flu -
took it easy, that evening.

Wednesday evening, we went out
and got groceries....
Unpacked groceries, had supper
and then retired to the front of our
computers and then,
watched T.V.

Excuses? OH YAH - BIG TIME!!!

(HEY! I'm just realizing what an exciting life we live!)
Said with sarcasm, of course... LOL

Here's my progression, so far, on my chair - AKA "The Queen's Chair".

(Front of the chair)
(Back of the chair)

(fabric line)

(Gilbert's job - completed!!!)

(Gilbert removing the metal bar)

I removed the stitches (rip-it, rip-it)
from the original covering and
was able to trace the pattern
on brown paper.

(Brown paper pattern is pinned to the fabric,
ready to cut.)

(Me and my pudget fingers,
tracing the pattern.)

Okay, by 8h35 p.m.,
I had sewn 2 pieces together
and figured that I had best stop,
for the evening.

So far, so good.....

I hope to have this chair finished
by tomorrow evening!




Shelly said...

It's gonna be great! I love the fabric you chose . . .

Anonymous said...
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