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Friday, January 29, 2010

Schnibble top - FINITO!!!

Hi There!

Well, as I previously mentioned,
I worked on my Schnibble top today.

The pattern said I needed
to trim the blocks to 7-1/2" square.

Did 3 of them, sewed them up
and took a picture to compare with the others.

After I sized them ALL up,
look at the "nest" that was left over!

Here's all 9 blocks sewn up...

Here's the first border,
with a tiny cornerstone...

And then, finally, I'd like to present to you....

"MADELINE" !!!!!

I added another cornerstone
on the final border.
It wasn't in the pattern
but I thought it might look nice.

Now.... I need to finish quilting
my Christmas Dear Jane
and do the binding on that one.

That will be my NEXT
sewing machine project.

We're hoping to go to my parents tomorrow,

weather permitting, of course!



Elly D said...

OH MY!! Rosa your Madeline looks fabulous!! I was wondering why you were so quiet, LOL.... Now I know :))

Got a few pics put up on my blog too this evening...

houghea:- Who goes in swedish??

Miriam said...

Beautiful Rosa!!!

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

OMG!!!! Madeline is GORGEOUS!

Great job Rosa!

I have to get started on mine this weekend! She's too beautiful not to do!


Elaine in SLO, Ca

Susan In Texas said...

That looks really lovely, Rosa. Are you planning that as a wall-hanging? Beautiful colors (and workmanship too!)

Happy quilting,

Barb said...


Caron said...

Rosa, your Madeline is beautiful!!! My kind of colors, too! Do you need my mailing address?

Quilterjane58 said...

I love Madeline. Those are some of my favorite fabrics!!! And you stitched them up beautifuly!!! Rosa you are such a peach! Thanks for sharing.

Mary Ann said...

Dear Rosa, your Schnibble is just gorgeous!!! I've seen them around in blogland...have thought of trying one myself!! The fabric you've used is that the French General line? Have a great weekend!