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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Purple Smurple!!!

Hi There!

Last Sunday, I went and picked up
some groceries and, according to the
list that Gilbert had given me,
we needed some cabbage.

You see, every weekend,
we write down the week's menu -
it helps with groceries and our budget.

Anyhow, Wednesday's supper (tonight),
we were supposed to have boiled
potatoes, turnip, carrots and cabbage.

While I was at the grocery store,
I made a couple "executive" decisions...

I figured it would be more
interesting to have parsnips,
instead of carrots and when it
came to the cabbage,
that's when things turned "purplish"...

They only had purple cabbage,
instead of the green kind
and I figured that purple cabbage
would do the same thing.


Of course, the broccoli was cooked separately,
otherwise it would have certainly
become "Purple Smurple", too!

Anyhow, supper was delish,
although quite comical!

Hope you get a chance to
get a chuckle or two, today!



Terry said...

ROTFL..."Purple Smurple???"
I really want to know when you are going to publish your dictionary "The World in Rosa's Words". I want a signed copy :)

Purple is one of my fav colors, so it actually looks pretty good to me.


Susan In Texas said...

OK, let's try this again. 8) What is E&J Day? (This time I have carefully checked the "Email follow-up comments to ..." checkbox, which should help.


Joyce said...

This is soo funny! Here in the US where I live in Arkansas, the grocery store has purple or orange cauliflower. I make 'cauliflower eggless salad' and boy! did it look strange when I made it out of the purple cauliflower! Even the water in the steamer was purple and also the stems of the cauliflower were purple!

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...


You are a hoot!

I love the color purple ... and you dinner certainly turned out a very pretty shade of it!



Elaine in SLO, ca

Susan In Texas said...

Nope, I didn't get an email from you. My email address is Or you could just leave a comment with the E&J info on my blog. Or you could just leave a comment on this posting of yours since I have subscribed to it.


Brenda said...

OMG! Rosa, that is hilarious....LOL! Not sure how I would feel eating a purple dinner...hmmm. OK, so I think it wouldn't work for me. OK, I can't type with a straight face, the visual was too much. eow!hahaha