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Friday, January 29, 2010

Trojan War!

Hi there!

Okay, the hottest topic on 3 or 4 of my favorite chat forums, has been "Trojan Viruses". Quite a few of my friends got a REAL nasty virus. Some were able to repair it themselves, while others had to take it into their Geek Store. Either way, these nasty viruses are time consuming and/or money chompers... neither picture is very good.

There are SOOOO many variables and it's fairly frustrating. I'd LOVE to be able to help people with their problems, but....

Do you have a PC or an Apple?
What kind of anti-virus do you run?
Do you have a firewall?
What did you click on when the problem occurred?
And more more tech questions that I can't think of, right now.

And here's the all important question and suggestion...

Do you do a monthly backup? There's probably TONS of backup programs out there but "Acronis True Image" is THE best, IMHO!!!!

With Acronis, you do your backup, once a month. Computer crashes. Re-plug in your external hard drive. Recover your info. Info is recovered in approx. 15 minutes. ALL your settings, ALL your passwords, ALL your softwares, etc, etc, etc.... Even your files or pictures that your saved on your desktop.. are ALL STILL THERE! Your favorites are still intact!!!!

Now, I'm being a bit of a motor mouth, right now... but let me tell you what happened to Gilbert and I 'bout 3 years ago.


Our internet provider wrote TWO warning (English) emails, advising us that we had a virus. Tried to translate their emails (to French) to Gilbert but (yes he's a man) he didn't take them too seriously.

Perhaps 2 weeks later, we lost our internet services. Gilbert spent like 1 hour re-plugging modem, server, router and whatever hi-tech thingy that I can't remember right now and doing the "re-boot" thingy, too. BTW, we had forgotten about those 2 previous letters from our internet provider.

We finally called up our internet provider and they told us that we had a virus, that un-beknown to us, was forwarding thousands and thousands of emails, from our home!!!! We argued with them. IMPOSSIBLE!!! We had the "bought" version of Norton!!!

Nothing doing! They were NOT going to re-connect us until we got rid of this so-called virus or trojan virus or whatever it was.

Gilbert did a COMPLETE "Norton" scan on ALL our computers - nothing. Nada. Zippo.

At this point, we KNEW we didn't have a virus (as per Norton's results) but we couldn't make our internet provider believe us!

Finally, in desperation, I called up our local Geek Store and the guy laughed when I told him that what had happened. He said that McAfee and Norton were basically jokes. And since we had no internet, he downloaded a disk with "AVG" anti-virus on it.

Took his disk home, popped it in our computer and BAM! AVG found the offender! We were stunned - I mean, who has/had a better reputation than Norton, eh? Especially since we had actually PAID for this program!!!!

Well, AVG used to be free. We have since moved onto AVAST, as our anti-virus program.

AVAST is free... it's good.... One of my bosses has a friend who works at Norad - one of the computer geeks there, I guess. THEY use AVAST!

This nasty virus, that all my friends are chatting about, has come from Facebook and mostly Webshots. I've clicked on many webshot links, since this trojan thingy appeared and NO, I haven't had any problems! *knock on wood*

Anyhow, hope my 25 cents worth of ramblings helped you ... if you have a Trojan knockin' at yer door.... :-(



Greg said...

Okay.. lets start with your questions.. PC or apple... 1 pc running windows XP.. 1 "pc" running Ubuntu Linux 9.10 (totally free operating system, new version every 6 months NO I repeat NO linux based viruses. XP machine runs Avast anti-virus. triple firewall via 2 routers and a firewall box.

If you just use your machine for internet email and word processing I'd strongly suggest Ubuntu Linux. Its not a great gaming OS but thats why there are xboxes and ps3's.. go to Ubuntu for more info.. It comes with a TON of free software including Open Office (MS office clone, but a lot better!) image software and the best part, most drivers for your printers, cameras etc are BUILT IN!! no hunting for them.

and yes, I do weekly back ups to my Network server which is only accessable to certain IP addresses on my network. Norton & McAffee are JUNK!! Save your money and go with Avast here

Yvette said...

I was so sick of virus's and losing data that I went and bought 2 Mac's. Love them and have ZERO issues in 6 months.

Gisele said...

Webshots is a problem for viruses ?? OMG!! That's were all the photos for the Cousbins website hosted!! Do I need to move them out of there?

Susan In Texas said...

I got all the DJ emails on the Trojan too and I had actually gone to RVJan's webshot of her basket quilt that seemed to spark this whole episode a few days ago. I have Trend Micro Antivirus and Webroot Spy Sweeper running regularly, which I keep up to date. I ran both sweeps immediately and didn't find any trojans, just the normal junk adware cookies that are so prevalent these days. We have a router fire-wall and we get all our emails through Charter Cable, our internet provider. They do a REALLY good job of keeping us spam free. I haven't had a junk email in literally years. I don't think anybody knows where this trojan originated, I think webshots is just a convenient scapegoat in this instance because of the timing. Had it not been for the endless emails, I would not have known anything was amiss. As far as McAffee being junk, well, I've used it on my other pc for 10 years and that computer has never been infected either. But then, we're really good about keeping our virus software up-to-date with regular downloads, etc. Plus we keep the Microsoft patches up-to-date too, to plug known vulnerabilities.

Stay safe,

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the tips, Rosa!
I passed them on to my DH, who does all the geeky PC stuff on behalf of both of us! Hahaha!
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!!! Cheers!!!