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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yankee's Nutty Buns

Hi There!

This afternoon, I felt like eating
"Yankee Buns".

Has anyone out there ever had these before?

They're basically a tea biscuit kind of dough....
rolled out into a rectangular shape,
add butter, cinnamon and brown sugar.
(I added pecans, too, this time...)

Cut your roll into slices.
Yep, at this point, it DOES
look like cinnamon rolls!

Place them, face up in a rectangular pan.

HINT: I was always told that if you want
your tea biscuits or cinnamon roll crusts HARD,
leave a space, between each one, in your pan.

In my case, I prefer them "soft"...
so, I squish 'em all together, in my pan.

Okay, maybe they were a bit too squished,
but they turned out perfect, IMHO!

Then, you have to boil
molasses, brown sugar and water
until it thickens.

Pour this sauce over your buns.

(side view of my Yankee Buns)

Just fresh, out of the oven and
the Yankee Buns are still bubbling!

Here, I took a tiny one out,
to be sure that it was cooked.

In the meantime, Gilbert had to go out
to run a couple errands.

He has promised to bring back some
Tim Hortons coffee!


Ultra gooey and very sweet....
but oh so good!

Anyhow, if anyone's SERIOUSLY interested in making these,
I could type up the recipe on my web page.

Just post a comment, or send me an email
and I'll see what I can do.

BTW, I was also curious if anyone else
had heard of this recipe, before...

"Yankee Buns".

S'far as I can tell,
it's been passed down from
generation to generation, in my family.

Hope your weekend's going GREAT!!!!



Terry said...

I have not heard of these before, but they look like something I REALLY, REALLY NEED to try *grin*. Please share the recipe :)
Hugs, TerryM

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Well, I'll be right over for Buns and Coffee...sounds delicious! are really becoming a "Domestic Goddess" !!



Elaine in SLO, Ca

KJ McLean said...

Recipe! Recipe!! Recipe!!!

Deanna said...

My Grandmother in Northern New Brunswick made them with biscuits. Put them in a pan the pour brown sugar and water over them and bake. YUM

Anonymous said...

Yankee Buns!! My mother used to make these in the early 80's. I would LOVE the recipe for this. My mother passed away in 1989,and I was too young to get the recipe. I would LOVE it! Please

Anonymous said...

My grammie used to make these for me when I was little, she unfortunately passed when I was 15 and never did get her recipe. Could you send you recipe to me at so I can make these and remember her in the kitchen again, thanks.