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Monday, January 25, 2010

Nickels and Dimes...

Hi there!

Guess what I got today, in my mailbox?!!?

Remember that blog contest
that I won, from "Prairie Moon Quilts"?!?


It came today!!!!
*jumping up and down, from excitement*

A charm package of 1930's fabrics!!!!

All 25 of them!!!!

And... GET THIS!!!

This cute pattern!!!

Prairie Moon Quilts
sell this pattern!

With just ONE pattern,
you have the choice to make
THREE different size "quilts"!!!

1 Charm pkg = 1 table mat (20" X 21")
2 Charm pkgs = 1 tablerunner (21" X 40")
4 Charm pkgs = 1 baby quilt

This pattern's called
"Nickels and Dimes"
and I think she said that
it was her most popular pattern.

Well, Shelly... I read your
at dinner time while I scarfed down my meal,
and this quilt will be a snitch to put together!!!!

Thank you SOOOO much!

Can't wait to play with this one!



Shelly said...

You're welcome! Can't wait to see what you make!

quiltmom said...

Hey Rosa, Congratulations on your lovely prize- I can see that you are going to have fun with the pattern.
It would make a really lovely table runner or baby quilt.VBG

Do you like 30's fabrics? I have been collecting them for quite awhile - I want to make a larger bed quilt -still haven't found the right pattern but I have collected some nice fabrics from Sew Sisters in Toronto and Connecting Threads too. I have a few patterns in mind- they remind me of quilts that my grandmother might have made.
By the way,Connecting Threads have some in their closeout fabrics for 2.96 a yard.
Happy quilting,