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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nostalgic Anticipation

Hi There!

Just yesterday, I was thinking about all those
times that I was SOOOO excited about "something",
and that the clock's hands seemed to just
draaaaag on, ever so slowly, when I was a child....

Like, the last day of school, eh?
Half of the class would be staring outside and almost ALWAYS,
it was a beautiful spring/summer day,
with the promise of wonderful things to occur
during the upcoming summer months.

Or when my Mom said I could get my ears pierced,
AFTER I finished grade three...
Boys, THAT was a long school year!!!

Or, when I'd lay in bed,
wondering if Santa would arrive
BEFORE I closed my eyes
and wondering WHAT he would leave
underneath the tree and if I would like it,
and did he remember what I had asked for,
and what would happen if I saw him, and,
and, and....
"HEY! That sounds like hooves,
on our roof!!!"

And yesterday, while daydreaming,
I was thinking to myself, that those sweet almost
hardly ever occurred as an adult.

You know what I mean, eh?

Okay, maybe the last day of work, before vacation...
But, that's simply not the same feeling, right?

I'm sure you'll probably all agree with me, on this.

I even mentioned it to my co-worker, yesterday.

"Remember when, (fill in the blanks)?"
And she chuckled and said, "Yep, I remember!"

Anyhow, today I came home from work
and the first thing Gilbert says is,
"You have a package and it's from Jo."

My first thoughts were,
"Gee, I wonder what Jo sent and WHY?"


Mind you, Jo was my first Secret Pal,
three (?) years ago and she still sends
me surprise gifties, every now and then.

Here's a picture of her gifty box.

So, even before I sat down to eat dinner,
I looked at the box and I read:

"No Peeking!"

*scratching my head*

Why wasn't I allowed to NOT peek?!??!

We're JUST the 3rd of December, right?

These are some of the thoughts that
were rolling around in my head,
till I read:

"Merry Christmas"


I think that's when my knees buckled!

Jo wants me to WAIT till CHRISTMAS?!??!?

Does she REALIZE how curious I am!??!?!?!?

She wrote "Christmas Decorations", on there!

Thank goodness -
otherwise, I could see myself (very easily) drop the package
from the top of the stairs and go,


Or, how about I accidently smeared some dog food
on the outside of the package and let Thunder
go to it?


No!!! I won't do that, but HONESTLY JO!!!!

You DO realize that I might put it in a
"safe spot" and completely forget where I put it?!??


Thanks, from the bottom of my heart,
my No-Longer-Secret-Pal!

Canadian Bear Hugs,
from me to you, Jo!


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quiltmom said...

That is quite the package Rosa- Waiting and the anticipation can be the best part and sometimes too hard to bear- I can hardly wait to see what she has sent you. I am sure that it is something special- just like you.
Have a terrific day.
Warmest regards,