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Saturday, August 7, 2010

4 Events + 88 Pics = LOTS to Share!

Hi There!

Brunswick Nurseries -
Our First Stop.

Picked up a small lavender plant,
that we will replant into a BIG container
and leave on our deck.

Keeping our fingers crossed
that we follow the plant people's advice, to the letter
and that it can survive our winters.

On to my next topic....

Brunswick Nurseries has a petting zoo,
for the small children and the Adult Children.

Most of these ducks were on the pond's bank
and when they saw us arrive,
all made it into the water.

They were probably all hoping for bread
or something....
We had to disappoint them, unfortunately.

Gilbert's petting a donkey....

A lovely beige cow.

A "regular" looking chicken and
a "funky" looking one!


A whole cluster of lovely white chicken....
They almost look like they were roosting,
but aren't they supposed to be up "high",
to roost?!?!?

I have NO IDEA....

I was brought up on a farm,
but have since been "City-fied"!
*scratching her head*

These were in another pen.
It was too funny!

It looked like the "chicks"
were following their main guy!


How did THEY get up there?!??!

This is a "ram", right?

And this is a goat, I assume.

Gilbert didn't care for this guy.
He said his "eyes" were too weird!


And here's a pig, or is it a boar,
or a potbelly pig?!??

Can someone help me, here?
*chuckling at myself
and my farming knowledge*

There 2 were, by far, my favorite!

Alpaca's !!!!!

Apparently, they had a contest,
to find a name for these two.

"Coffee" and "Cream"
were the winning names!

They only have these 2 and
they were ALWAYS together,

Okay, why am I showing you all these
farm animals?

Well, this past Monday, Gilbert and I went to Calais, Maine.... remember?

I picked up several quilting books and amongst those books was one called:

The Farmyard in Patchwork and Appliqué
Hélène Martin

It had the words "patchwork" and "appliqué" on the cover and, for $3.99, I quickly grabbed it and figured I'd look it over and either dump it in our yard sale, keep it for "someday" or whatever.

Now, here's how my brain seems to work, lately.

I look at a project and my first thoughts seem to be...

"Un-hun - NO WAY!"

Then, as I'm driving to work, doing the dishes, cleaning the cats' litter box.... you know? meaningless little jobs, my mind wanders back to that specific project and that little voice in me, whispers.... "Well, you KNOW you could do in it THAT color or THAT fabric, that you already have."
"Well, you KNOW that project would make a LOVELY gift for so-and-so...."
"Well, you KNOW that you could do this, in no time (LOL), while watching TV."

And ..... well, you know the rest of the story.

I've recently listened to that little whispering voice, too many times and I now have 3 new projects, on-the-go, when I was SUPPOSED to concentrate on UFO's!!!!


1 - My diamonds and hexagons - Star Table Topper. Frummie's fault! ... LOL
2 - My 2nd polka dot Dear Jane.
3 - Clamshell wall hanging X 2 (still in the thinking phase) - Once again, Frummie's fault.... *VBG*

and now.... *hangs her head*.... possibly this "Farmyard" project, too.....

It's just TOO adorable, done in yellows and blues (mostly), uses a LOT of scrap fabrics... which I LOVE to stash shop AND the border embroidered words are done in French!!!!

Oh... and that little voice was also whispering,
"Remember all those gorgeous plaids that Elaine sent you? There's a LOT of plaids in this Farmyard quilt!"



Will keep you guys/gals posted on this last project. Once again, it might be the kind of project that lingers on, for a few years. Who knows, eh?



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