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Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Trip to Mardens!!!

Hi There!

Today was "New Brunswick Day",
which meant that I had today OFF!

Gilbert and I left at 7h45 a.m., for Calais, Maine!

We arrived in Calais around 9 a.m. , Calais time.

By then, we needed some refreshments.
Coffee and sandwiches were required.

To Duncan Donuts, we went!

Ever the geek,
Gilbert checks his internet connection BEFORE eating!

Actually, I did the same thing, too!


Then, since we're ALWAYS amazed at how things are
SOOOO much bigger in the US, we ordered
this "Coffee Roll"....

And YES, we shared it!

We mailed off a parcel or two, from the US,
went to Mardens and picked up a few pieces of fabric,
some thread, a couple tea towels - you know....
odds and ends.

Once we were back in Canada,
and on our way home,
we stopped in Pennfield, New Brunswick.

Pennfield is known for it's blueberry fields,
and this quaint little blueberry shack
where you can buy fresh blueberries,
INCREDIBLE homemade blueberry pies
and homemade blueberry muffins!!!

There was a line up and YES, we waited!


I'm not going to show you pictures
of all the cute gifties that I received today,
from my friends...

Incredibly generous gifts, in fact!

I'll bring them out,
whenever I get a chance to work
on these cute sewing projects. *grin*

But, I AM going to share with you a picture of
my newest toy.... a gift from Cyn!

A cute PINK little pig, on a key chain!


Squeeze his belly and a hemroidale(SP?)
bubble comes out of it's butt!


This pink pig makes me laugh!!!

Besides, now when Gilbert tells me
something that I don't like or agree upon,
I simple show Gilbert the pig's butt,
squeeze it's belly,
while blowing a raspberry to Gilbert!!!!


Tks Cyn!


1 comment:

Cyn ;-) said...

Oh, yummo! I can almost taste those blueberries from here.
/; -)