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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tech Talk

Hi there!

Well, I've had an iPod (iTouch)
for about a year now and
I absolutely ADORE
my iTouch!

Why, you ask?

I can read my emails anywhere and anytime (even in bed), while in the house. I can even read my emails when on a trip... but I DO need a (wireless) internet connection.

I like to play "BeJeweled 2", in bed. I know it's silly but it helps me fall asleep! *grin*

Well, the screen certainly isn't as big as a regular computer but when I need to, I'll go view web pages, when necessary.

I'm not really a music junky, but when I want to listen to music, I plug in my iTouch with my latest earbuds, that I now, couldn't live without... (LOL) and listen to my favorite tunes and podcasts!

5. UTube Videos
When I'm bored, I listen to a few UTubes! Yep, I know! Doesn't take much to entertain me! LOL

And that's about it!

This mini machine is SOOOOO powerful, with a ca-zillion of free and not so free apps (applications) that can be uploaded to your iTouch, to help make your life easier or funner or simply to help you waste time. *grin*

Unfortunately for me - or is that "fortunately"? - I am happy with what I do with my iTouch! But, it's just to tell you that you have the power to do much more, SHOULD you wish...

(image from Roger Communications web page)

Well, Gilbert's been helping me to understand my iTouch and has been drooling over my machine. Yet, he didn't want to get one. He preferred to dream about getting an iPhone, without the "data" plan. When you purchase an iPhone outright, it becomes YOURS! And all's you need to do is put your (old) SIM card from your previous cell phone and all your info is transferred to your new iPhone.

Yesterday evening, he finally broke down and got one!!!

Why did he want an iPhone?

Gilbert's cell phone provider gave him a "Smart Phone". It's a Blackberry that you're unable to surf the web or retrieve your emails AND it's screen is miniscule ... as well as the keypad! We were calling it the "Stupid" phone! Plus, the iPhone is MUCH slimmer, too!

2. PDA
Gilbert has another gadget, a Hewlett Packard PDA (Portable Device Accessory?). Anyhow, he used this gadget for notes, calculator, address book, etc. etc. etc. And he knew that if he had an iPhone, all this info could be transferred to an iPhone and he wouldn't have to be walking around with THREE electronic devices - cellphone, his PDA and his camera (see item # 3)! And, once again, the iPhone is MUCH slimmer!!!

Once again, the iPhone has an INCREDIBLE camera and cam corder! He wouldn't have to bring his camera along!

As well, my hubby LOVES gadgets..... the newer, the better! Mind you, we also have our budget in the forefront, when we start to even consider purchasing another gadget!

Our internet provider could have sold an iPhone to Gilbert, but with a "Data" plan. What does that mean? Well, it means that you would be able to surf the net, send text messages, receive emails, along with your cell phone (of course) for a whole BUNCH of money! Here in Canada, we're supposed to have the highest costs, for cell phone packages! Anyhow, Gilbert didn't WANT the Data Plan, as he can surf wireless, inside our home for free and he's never sent a text message and doesn't see the necessity for it. Neither do I, for that matter. *s*

Soooooo, as I wrote earlier, we went out
and bought "outright" an iPhone
and Gilbert's in 8th Heaven!
And I'm just estatic for him too!


Oh, BTW, I started my 2 week vacation
and will be doing my "Journal" thing, again.
If you want to follow my daily activities
and check out my not-written-in-pen Agenda,
you can follow me here:

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!!!


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