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Friday, August 6, 2010

Pledge Promise - Crumb Quilt

Hi There!

As some of you might be aware,
I LOVE making these "Crumb" Blocks!!!!

Here's Bonnie Hunter
(easy smeasy) tutorial.

I sometimes call them
"Flip 'n Sew"....
But that's just MY expression.

Anyhow, I just LOVE to make these blocks!!!
(Did I mention that I LOVE to make these blocks?!?!?)


I decided to set these "on point" -
first time for me.

Jeeeesh, but I HAD to sew this "On Point"?!?!??

At the time, it seemed like a great idea,
but I'm not enjoying it!


It doesn't appear like it, but there's probably only 3 or 4 more strips to sew together and THEN, I've decided to sew on a 1 or 2 inch dark green border and add a 5 or 6 inch border of crumb quilts (perhaps?).... And possibly all sewn as 1 or 2 inch strips, on the 45 degree diagonal.

Not sure, yet. There's quite a few pink pieces, in the crumb blocks. It probably wouldn't do, for a boy's quilt. Perhaps I should play up the "pinkish" part and add more pink?

Dunno..... and that's mostly why I've stalled with this quilt.

It's on my design wall and a couple of the strips have flopped over, onto itself.

Will keep you all informed on my "Green Crumb Quilt".



Susan In Texas said...

Scottish Women's Rural Institute. I just had to look it up. 8) I love what you've done with the tea towel; what a clever idea. Are those the names of all the islands in the Orkney's written around the edges? I'm guessing yes.

Susan in Texas

Pat from FL and MI said...

Rosa, I though you were making a Calico Cat, from just looking at the photo. Cute!