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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Happy Hookers!

Hi There!

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Karen
came over with her wool cutter,
as I don't have one .... yet.

Well, I had gathered up my
un-cut wool and Karen
and I had a GREAT time
chit-chatting and "stripping" -
errrr, that would be
"wool stripping" or
cutting strips of wool.


Here's some of my bundles
of cut wool.

I just wish I had remembered to take
a picture outside, while I was cutting!

Karen and I BOTH commented
on how colorful the strips were.

And for some reason,
unfortunately, these pictures don't do
true justice to the brightness of the wool.

I had asked Gilbert to take a picture
of Karen and I, outside,
on our deck.

During the coldest part of winter,
I will look at this picture and
remember the wonderful time that we had,
on this GORGEOUS day.

Aren't friendships special?

Friends are specially selected and chosen by YOU.
Friends are not an obligatory thing.
YOU actively seek them out.
YOU want to spend special time with them.
And each friend is very unique to YOU.
Each one holds a different spot in YOUR heart.

Thanks Karen!

Had an EXCELLENT time, yesterday!!!!



Barb said...

Everyone needs a good friend...glad you had fun and that wool looks soo wonderful.

KJ McLean said...

The time went by so fast! We definitely have to get together more often!