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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day to Party Hearty,,,

Hi There!

Well, I didn't yell this from the roof top,
but this spring, I had fallen off the wagon.

Yep.... I regained almost all of those
terrible calories due in part
because I had stopped going to the gym.

When I fell off, this spring,
my friend Elaine "encouraged" me
to start up again.
Silly me, I told her that I would
join back up, in September.

*slapping my forehead*

I didn't realize that she had
such an EXCELLENT memory!

Last Saturday,
I went to one of our shoe stores
and picked up the cute,
PINK shoelaces!!!

Proceeds going to the
Canadian Breast Cancer Society, too!

Hopefully, this new look will
help me exercise!

Anyhow, I'm on vacation
for the next 2 weeks and
whilst the food choice
may be a bit difficult, for now,
I'll be re-signing up for
the gym, tomorrow....

once again.

I'll keep you all posted!



Frummie said...

Good Girl Sweetie!!!

tich said...

Well Done!! I LOVE the laces!!

Marianna said...

Wow, those lacies are wonderfull, they would help me go to the gym also! He, I join you with the diet thingy you know. A Promiss is a promiss! Please tell me too how you have set up the pafge of the TOW pretty please? Hugs!