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Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Butts On the Beach" - 2

Hi There!

Okay, while playing around with my paper clamshells, this morning, I thought, "Hmmmm.... what if I fold over the pointy triangle tail end of the clamshell OVER itself.... onto the roundish part? It could look like a G-String bathing suit, eh?!??"

Well, of COURSE I had to color in, quickly, the G-Strings!

Okay, 'cause I didn't know how to arrange them, they got put down in flying geese formation.... Don't really care for that. I think it might be best to put them on the sand, here and there.

Don't you think these look more like "butts" that the other way? (see my previous post)

Well, that's about it... for now.

Monday morning will be here soon enough. And I probably won't get a chance to play with these again, till NEXT weekend.



Barb said...


Elly D said...

You're so funny!

ditess..... abreviated name for diana tessa..??

Cyn ;-) said...

Well by George--or, by Butts--lol, I think you've done it! What a great way to complete our Clamshell Challenge. Talent runs long in you, dear Rosa!
/; -)

tich said...

Love it!!