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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Second Event = Barn in Bloomfield

Hi There!

The Barn in Bloomfield !!!!

Well, obviously, I have to do a lot of sorting out and photo-organizing, but here's some pictures of The Barn in Bloomfield. This place has been on my mini "Bucket List", for quite some time!

The owner's home -
Gilbert and I fell in love with the colour
and how well it was maintained!

It's right next door to their "Barn".

Here's the owner/operator or craftsman, I should say....

I had heard him, with his commercial,
on our local radio and I thought to myself,
"Gosh, that's not too, too far from where I live...
I REALLY want to go visit his barn!"

You're even invited to go into
his workshop and chat with him!

What a nice person!

His wife was in the boutique and
was REALLY nice, too!

No, we didn't buy anything,
but someday, we might....

Ya just never know, eh?

Well, today was my lucky day!
I got to visit the "Barn in Bloomfield"!!!

Gilbert took a picture of me,
in their "store".

And, here I am, admiring one of the
products that they sell.

Well, that's it, for now....

Hope you're enjoying traveling with
Gilbert and I,
on our Saturday adventure!



Anne Chisholm said...

this is a great business.I love their products. So nice to have craftsman made products to use and display.

tich said...

What a pretty dress!! Also liked the shop! (This is me trying to catch up on my blogs!!)