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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Pink Quilt

Hi There!

One more UFO that I can claim...

Here's a close up of Gilbert's INCREDIBLE Long Arm work!

Cute, tiny and little meanderings!

I decided to make a "home made" label, for the back of this quilt.

I had picked up this nice (label) pattern book, last year and this was the first time that I had actually done something in it!

And here's...
"My Pink Quilt"!!!

Don't you just LOVE log cabins?!?!?

Well, I do.

And here's a picture of it outside, hanging on the clothesline.

I'm not the best photographer
but I just LOVE this quilt!

It will be going in our local quilt show and then, perhaps I will hand it over to it's recipient...
a family member, who doesn't know that they will be getting this.

*long sigh*

Don't you just get that special feeling, way down in your tummy, when you give away a special quilt? Almost as if you're giving away your first born? But then, along with that special feeling in your tummy, your heart warms up.... knowing that the recipient will surely love their new quilt and will share the same warmth in THEIR heart, as well!


Have a great weekend - we're almost there!



Susan In Texas said...

Your pink quilt rocks! I love the big, wide scallop edging. I love log cabins too. The best in show at last year's Trinity Valley Quilt show in Fort Worth was a unique combination of log cabins and bunnies. I wish I had a picture; it was magnificent. You don't think log cabins and bunnies would go together, but it really worked (as does yours!) I hope you win a big prize at the show; I'm sure your lucky relative will really love it.

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas

Cyn ;-) said...

This is an amazing quilt, Rosa, and Gilbert did a terrific job of quilting it! You make a great team.
I love everything about this quilt: the color, log cabin blocks, and the beautiful scalloped edging... It's bound to win a prize! I'll be rooting for you!!

dee's world said...

Love your Pink quilt. Your site is so interesting.

Pat from FL and MI said...

LOVE it!!!

RVJan said...

I agree with all the comments...great quilt and quilting!!!! Jan

tich said...

Love log cabin, love your quilt, love Gilbert's quilting! Well done!!

tich said...

Love log cabin, love your quilt, love Gilbert's quilting! Well done!!