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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hi There!

I just remembered WHY I don't like to post contests that drag on and on and on and on.... I LOVE to blog too much and yet, I want my "Contest" blog to be the first on my page...

So, I can't blog until AFTER the contest!!!!

Bummer, eh?

Anyhow.... I'll just have to put this on "draft" and, after the contest is finished, polish it off and publish it.

Well, I got into thinking that when you go to a quilt shop, there's usually TONS of quilts on display.... every spare inch has a quilt, on display, right?

Well, I started this one, right after work. It should measure, approximately, 3-1/2 inches wide and possibly 11 inches long. We have a nice little sliver of a wall, that we can hang it up...

This is my "Process Pledge".

I thought that once Gilbert long arm quilts it... with teeny, weeny meandering around the eggs, that I would bind it with a nice yellow fabric ... or would black be better?.... and then, braid some thick pearl cotton embroidery floss, to make a "ribbon" type of holder thingy, at the top.

Okay, I'm having difficulty explaining it, but I know what I mean.


Will keep you all posted!


UPDATE: Blog contest will end at midnight, MY TIME!

I'll draw a name in the morning.


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Frummie said...

What did I miss about the Blog Contest?