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Friday, August 6, 2010

Repurposed Tea Towel

Hi There!

A very special friend sent me a tea towel,
from her spot, on this beautiful planet.

It had such gorgeous colours and
special meaning to Gilbert and I,
that we really didn't want to use it
as a regular "tea towel".

Gilbert suggested that he (and Bertha) quilt it.

Here's a close-up of the dragon(?),
in the center of the tea towel.

This lovely, now quilted, tea towel is hanging up on my sewing room wall, right beside "Madeline", a Schnibble that my other friend "Elaine" sent to me....

She sent me the pattern and fabric, that is.
I put it together.

This picture was to share with you,
the mess that has taken over my sewing room.
I "hope" to get it in order, Sunday.

Tomorrow - Saturday,
Gilbert and I are leaving the nest to go visit.

On our agenda:
Pick up my BOM (Block Of the Month)
Visit the Barn in Bloomfield
Gillis Vineyard for the "Quilts in the Vineyard"
pick up one or two lavender plants,
at Brunswick Nurseries.

THIS BLOG has me inspired....

OH... and I almost forgot the most important part.

We're supposed to have a "tête-à-tête" picnic.....

AND they're calling for sunny, fantastic weather!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!!


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