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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quilts in the Vineyard 2010 - Part "Deux"

Hi There!

Yesterday, one of the places that
we went to was
Gillis of Belleisle Winery,
in New Brunswick.

Our local quilt shop organized a yearly(?)
quilt show - non-judged.

While Gilbert and I were looking
at the gorgeous quilts,
Gilbert spotted a clump of grapes,
on a vine, growing on a post,
in the front of their home.

Neat, eh?

Gilbert said this one looked
like a Checker game board.

I, personally, loved the colours!

This one had a LOT of teeny, weeny,
but REALLY teeny, weeny quilt stitches!

I liked this cute little black cat
and it's pumpkin!
(BTW - you can click on my pics,
to view them bigger)

I don't think I've ever seen
a table runner, like this, before.

I loved the fall colours,
but especially the (blank)
oval space, in the center.

Aren't these flowers adorable?!?!?


You HAVE to click on THIS one!!
Incredible appliqués!!!
LOVELY baskets!!!

I loved the soft pink colours,
in this one...

And I loved the purplish/lime green
colours in this one, also.

It reminded me of our official provincial flower, the "violet".

In fact, it was only once we got home and started looking at our pics on our computer that we realized that the pink flowers (above) and the purple flowers (below), were one and the same pattern! Incredible how 2 different colour ways can make a quilt look COMPLETELY different, eh?


I have a HUGE plastic tote with LOTS of recycled jeans! I especially loved the pockets and red/orange labels that they added on this quilt!

And that's about it, for today!

I think I'll be blogging, once more, about the quilt show and that should be it.

Stay tuned!



Cyn ;-) said...

Thank you for the "Quilt Show Tour". I had a grand time. *G*
Love all your pictures.
/; -)

Susan In Texas said...

Gilbert is right! You could put that quilt on a table and sit down and play chess or checkers right away. They HAVE to have thought of that, don't you think? The applique one was gorgeous. I wish my applique skills were better! I should take a class or something.

Susan in Texas