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Monday, August 30, 2010

LF Bliss ...

Hi There!

I know this is probably a long shot
but maybe someone out there
has one of these or similar
and would like to get rid of it....

Either FREE or close to it.


Doesn't have to be white...
Could have scratches or dents in it...
And I would gladly replace the blades,
or whatever they're called, if necessary.

This model is called "Bliss",
but if you've got a similar one....
that cuts strips of wool,
for rug hooking and
you don't want it anymore,
I'll GLADLY pay the shipping,
to have it come live here.

I would surely love to own
one of these babies...

Anyhow, if you've inherited one
from a Great-Great Aunt
and have NO DESIRE to ever rug hook or
you hubby picked one up at a yard sale
and you want to get rid of it....

send me an email and
we'll "talk", okay?

Tks for following my blog!


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