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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Monthly Houses

Hi There!

Way back in 2003, I believe, I found this free BOM, on the internet.

It was called "Strolling Around the Block", I believe.

I was sooooo green behind the ears, at the time, with respect to quilting, that I'm surprised that I managed to finish this quilt top! I think I even surprised Gilbert!


Here's July's block:
I decided to add a Canadian theme, rather than the
American one that they had.

Here's June's block.
It's got a tuff of yellow/orange
embroidery floss,
as hay hanging out from the silo.

And here's May's block.
It's even got the
"Dancing Around the Maypole" theme,
going on, in it!

And here's April's block.

I especially like the French knots,
in this one.

Well, I finally put the blocks together, two years ago....
DETERMINED to machine quilt this baby!

But then at the time, I realized that with all these buttons and ribbons and doo-dad's, that I would have problems quilting this baby!

And I balked at removing them all these decorations!!!

So, like everyone else, I'm positive, when you come across a part in your quilt that you're not sure or you really, REALLY don't want to do "it".... you put the darn thing away and try to forget about it, right?!??

Well, along came "Bertha", our new Long Arm machine and Gilbert was desperate to practice!

Would you believe that it took me 10 minutes to locate where I hidden this quilt ... and yet, another 5 minutes to snip off ALL the buttons, ribbons and decorations off of this quilt!??!?!

How difficult was that, eh?!?!?


Gilbert and Bertha, once again, did an INCREDIBLE job quilting this baby... and normally I would have ONCE AGAIN let this quilt languish in a plastic tote 'cause I really, REALLY didn't want to re-sew off all the doo-dads that I had snipped off....

BUT, this quilt will be entered in our local quilt show, in September!

Don't think it will win a prize but we're sure hoping that Gilbert and his Long Arm business will take off!


Have a great Sunday!



Frummie said...

I love it. If it is a loser, I will make a ribbon for it.
Love you

Susan In Texas said...

I think it's a winner! Are those Santa feet sticking out of the chimney in the lower right? Love it! lol

All the best,
Susan in Texas

Barb said...

What a fun quilt!!

Terry said...

Gotta be a winner:)
I love it!!!